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Composite doors represent the very top of the tree when it comes to premium entrance solutions in the modern era. Built to last for decades and withstand everything from the harshest of weather conditions to the most determined, tool-equipped intruders. As an almost impenetrable barrier between the things you love and value, and the realities of life beyond, composite doors are a game-changing addition to any property.

Whether you already have your composite doors in situ or are planning to purchase some and have them fitted, it is a great idea to have an understanding of exactly how they are hung. This will help you to better perform any necessary adjustments and alterations yourself if any signs of misalignment or other issues occur in the future. We have gathered together the very best tips and tricks our dedicated, experienced team has learned and utilised over many years in the industry and would like to share them with you. 

Why doesn’t the door close normally?

If your door catches on the frame and does not close smoothly and effortlessly, the chances are it is not sitting in perfect alignment with the frame. However, before we take any steps to correct this, we need to be certain we have diagnosed the issue correctly. Certain tell-tale signs reveal when adjustments need to be made, including an uneven gap around the door frame when the door is closed and difficulty operating the door. Creaking sounds when the door opens and closes are another sign that some fine adjustments need to be made.

Tools you may need

Depending on the exact type of door you have, you may require some of the following tools:

How do I adjust my composite door?

Because our composite doors are so robust and durable, we get very few queries about their maintenance and function, apart from this one. Luckily, it is not a particularly difficult or complex task or one requiring lots of bespoke tools and technical knowledge. What it does require, however, is patience, perseverance, and the ability to admit when the process needs to be started over, as it sometimes will. 

It is possible to complete this task alone with some preparation, props, and common sense, however, it will be all the easier if you have another pair of hands to assist you. Not only will it significantly reduce the amount of time taken, but also the levels of frustration experienced. First things first:

When you are satisfied the frame is clear and the door has unhindered space to swing and sit in the frame:

Assuming you have confirmed your composite door is misaligned and no longer hanging correctly, sitting in the frame at an angle, here are the steps you can take to make some simple adjustments and successfully address the issue.

Adjusting composite door hinges

1) Open the door

In order to gain maximum access to all sides of the hinges as necessary, the door must first be opened. If it is liable to swing freely and hinder you, ask your partner to hold the door or use a cushion or other object to prevent it from moving as you work.

2) Identify the hinge screws

There will typically be four hinges in all and one of the screws you need to find will be holding the hinge to the door frame. Another will be attaching it to the adjacent door jamb and the final one will be connecting the two parts of the hinge together. 

3) Loosen the screws slightly

Use a screwdriver with the correct head, either straight or cross-headed, to loosen all the screws until the hinge becomes separated from the door. 

4) Repeat with the other hinges. Assess the condition of the hinges and hinge pins. If your door has been hanging for many years, these may have accumulated dirt and grime you may wish to remove. This is also a good time to give those hinges a spritz of lubricant.

5) Re-hang the door

Now that the door is effectively free from its moorings, you can reposition and hang it perfectly. The key is to maintain the balance equally between all four hinges. You may find the mallet useful here if some parts are a little stiff and need some encouragement. If you suspect any of the screws may be damaged or inappropriate for the task, do not hesitate to use fresh ones. As one person holds the door in the required position, the other slowly tightens the screws one at a time. 

6) Re-check the door level

Gauge the level by eye at first and swing the door back and forth to assess its movement. Use the spirit level again to determine whether the door is hanging straight but remember, not all houses are straight themselves and it may be the doors will hang a little out of line with the frame. Providing the movement is free and does not catch or stick, it is the result that matters, not the tiny details. If the door still does not open and close freely, assess where some of the tension needs to be adjusted and loosen the requisite screws, tightening fresh ones in turn. Repeat this process until the door hangs and swings unhindered.


Adjusting your composite doors by slightly altering the tension on each of the hinges can be a little bit tricky but is a rewarding DIY job most people can handle without the need to bring in professionals. 

One useful feature of composite doors is that because they have such incredible levels of engineering and construction, it is unlikely to be the fault of the door if it is not hanging as it should be. The door is almost guaranteed not to have changed at all and still be perfectly straight. This means you can eliminate it from your investigations quickly and seek out the real culprit. Wooden doors, on the other hand, can warp and swell over time, meaning you might be fighting a losing battle to try and fit them effectively. 

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We hope you found some useful hints and tips in this guide on keeping your composite doors perfectly aligned at all times and making necessary adjustments when issues arise. If the time has come to replace your old doors with the very best money can buy, why not take a few moments to browse our incredible range of stunning, premium-quality composite doors now? Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us today if you have questions or comments about any aspects of our composite doors or fitting services in London and the Home Counties. Here at Rock Solid Doors, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services and will be only too happy to help.

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Graham Kidd
Graham Kidd
2 November 2023
100% recommend Paul and Harry a great father and son team! I'm so pleased that we used them to supply and fit our new front door. Straightforward to deal with from start to finish and communication throughout was excellent. They are extremely knowledgeable and were able to offer advice and suggestions when we were choosing the door we wanted. Nothing was rushed during the installation with great attention to detail. They took away our old door and frame and left everything clean and tidy at the end of the job. Thank you, Harry, for taking the time to go through everything with us at the end of the job, much appreciated. I would not hesitate in using Paul and Harry again. Thank you both so much, we are so pleased!
Andrew Brant
Andrew Brant
30 October 2023
Had a door fitted today. Extremely happy with the quality of the finish, attention to detail. Left site clean and tidy. Very impressed. Would highly recommend
Daniel Ashworth
Daniel Ashworth
6 October 2023
Had a door fitted by these very friendly chaps about 18 months ago. We're very happy with it. When an issue arose with the mechanism, they came out and fixed it in about 5 minutes and it's as it if is brand new again. Very pleased, would highly recommend.
L Edwards
L Edwards
2 October 2023
Communication with Paul was faultless throughout. He was polite, knowledgeable and efficient. Harry and Paul installed our new door, problem solving along the way. The finish was neat and tidy and they offered us excellent after sales service aswell. Would highly recommend.
22 September 2023
Highly recommend. We had our front door fitted by this lovely team. They were friendly, helpful, willing to listen to me debate options and provided helpful advice for choosing the right door for us. When he had a slight issue (no fault of their own) they came out to us the very next day and sorted it. Such a good supplier to work with!
Ed Barkham
Ed Barkham
21 September 2023
Brilliant service. No hidden costs or fees and no heavy sales tactics. Very open and clear from the start, and they worked really hard to fit a great new door in our thinner than average doorway! Great value and great result. Will be recommending to all.
fiona richards
fiona richards
10 September 2023
Highly recommend Rock Solid doors. We have used this friendly family company several times and have recommended them to others who have been equally impressed with the high standard of work and the product. We have received quick service and found them to be very reliable knowledgeable with no hard sell. The installations have been carried out professionally and they go the extra mile to ensure you are happy with everything. The external doors are robust and we are impressed with the quality of the product.
James Cooper
James Cooper
24 July 2023
Faultless customer service from a fantastic company to do business with. From start to finish it’s been a pleasure buying composite doors from Rock Solid Doors – in fact, we were so impressed with the front door and installation service they provided (we opted for a Solidor Ludlow 2 with 2 x fully glazed side lights) that we got them back to supply our utility door (Windsor Solidor – fully glazed) shortly afterwards. Paul dealt with our initial queries promptly, came to measure on site and provided a competitive quote very efficiently. These guys are first-rate craftsmen and know their stuff: evidenced by working around a couple of quirky construction issues without any problem – leaving us really impressed with the end product. It’s great to come across a local business that takes pride in what they do, going the extra mile for customer satisfaction – we cannot recommend Rock Solid Doors highly enough! Thank you Paul and Harry!
Simon Gould
Simon Gould
25 June 2023
Brilliant service from Paul at Rock Solid; our letter box seal had gone causing a slight leak - he responded immediately, attended this week and fixed with a new gasket. Would highly recommend the product and the service.
Lidia Duncan
Lidia Duncan
16 June 2023
I ordered my Vogue Rock door with the Ocean glass from Rock Solid Doors at the end of 2021. I had a number of criteria when searching for my new entrance door. It’s ability to insulate had to be A rated. I also wanted it to have a good quality locking mechanism that is smooth in action. My new door needed to be modern with a pane that lets plenty of light in and thus goes lower than the half line on the door, while leaving sufficient height for the letter box, so it is sufficiently high to be comfortably reached by our postman. The Vogue Rock door provided all that and more. I love sailing and the Ocean glass design evokes the lines of a sail in a beautifully minimalistic fashion. It also makes the door look unique, which is always a bonus. During my search for the perfect door I had lots of technical questions too. Only Paul and his colleague from Rock Solid Doors were able to answer all my questions and provide a door that offered what I was looking for. They supplied and fitted my new door in early 2022. My heating bill has gone down noticeably, as a result. With the golden oak wood grain on the outside, my door looks beautiful and elegant. Everyone who comes to the house for the first-time comment on it. The multi-locking mechanism has a smooth action and it is easy to use. The white wood grain on the inside finishes off the hallway like a designer window and door in one. Paul and his colleague went out of their way to make sure that I have the door and the finish just, as I wanted and that it worked seamlessly there on. We could not be happier. Thank You!